Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi release 13-track ‘Team Different’ album

The two young stars and sons of the iconic Vybz Kartel, are the best they’ve ever been on this new album titled “Team Different”. The album which features the lead single Euphoric Love, a time-tested tale of love and romance, is slated for release on May 6th, when it will be available for purchase and streaming everywhere music is sold and streamed. With this effort, the duo has distinguished themselves within the dancehall space, which is no small task when the most influential dancehall artist is the head of your household. With “Team Different”, Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi make an incredibly strong case for their own respect and appreciation as great artists in the Jamaican music space.

Originally bursting onto the scene in 2014 under the moniker PG13, this duo has weathered the storm that is fame from an early age. With singles like Hello Daddy, Gimme Di Money, Radio and more, the world got its first few experiences with this duo of dancehall royalty. While the duo has performed exceptionally on home team projects like Dancehall Royalty, To Tanesha, Dons and Diva, and several other riddims, they excel on their own projects. The Skinny Jeans EP released in February 2020, is perhaps the most ideal example of this, with the lead single Skinny Jeans going on to become one of the featured songs in the famous video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. While they both inherited the ability to compose great lyrics from their father, they have advanced themselves through learning musical instruments and the business of music, making them more rounded than even their Vybz Kartel himself.

This new album, released via ONErpm, in many ways exudes that resolved maturity that we can hear in their most recent interviews with The Star and DancehallMag and Urban Island. Team Different is set for release under the duo’s own UTG (Uptown Gaza label) and includes tracks like LuxuryMiss World Renown, and even title track Team Different, all produced in-house at UTG. Not only are Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi pushing the limits of what they have done before musically, but they also remain as topical as their father. The second season of a recent romance drama television series on Netflix named Euphoria has been capturing the world since its release in January and the duo has tapped into that public conversation about love with this single. Likkle Vybz and Likkle Addi are both crafty in their lyrics and bold in their melodies, which makes for a great listening experience. The content of the song is also very subversive, rather than the emo cold-hearted modern male archetype that is common in music from their peers, the duo steer toward a more emotionally secure and sensitive depiction. This is a sentiment echoed throughout not just Euphoric Love but the entire album as a whole. Their approach and subject matter on this album are unique, without copying or catering to what is popular. The duo stands out, easily giving the name Team Different another layer of meaning.

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