Max Romeo​ releases Words From The Brave Album

MAX ROMEO wrote and sang worldwide hits which marked reggae golden age like “War Inna Babylon” or “Chase The Devil” (covered by international stars such as JAY-Z and THE PRODIGY), today he finally returns after many years away. In his late 74s this big name in Jamaican reggae music will present his new 10 track album WORDS FROM THE BRAVE, released on June 28th. The album’s title speaks about the epic journey of this man native from Jamaican campaign who went to Kingston capital to start a singer career.

During his all life MAX ROMEO crossed many different steps, from the child working in the fields to the ghetto youth trying to make his marks, and the radios success. Today the wise man he became wanted to send a final warning message to the new generation.

WORDS FROM THE BRAVE’s story started during the 2016 tour with the musicians who were accompanying MAX ROMEO. They were already forming a hard core and had been joined by more reggae players, this is how the ROOTS HERITAGE band was formed. Together they recorded new compositions which right away convinced MAX ROMEO to do his next album on this instrumental version.

The singer and lyricist started to write when he gets back home in Jamaica. With great wisdom, sincerity, and moderation MAX ROMEO is still taking care of the words and speaks with common-sense about very contemporary themes which concern us all. His voice had been recorded in Jamaica with chorus and more instruments to produce this very expected new album.

A Franco Jamaican collaboration as rarely heard between musical finesse, meticulous production, and authentic Jamaican sonorities.