Review: Major Lazer – Peace is the Mission

By Liam Monaghan


Brace yourself for the next installment of the Major Lazer project ‘Peace Is The Mission’. Major Lazer was a project originally created by Producer ‘Diplo’ and also Dj Switch. After two successful albums and countless touring the world, the ultimate build up is finally over to the new album released on the 1st of June.

The development of the artwork for Major Lazer has progressed rapidly in which to this very day, Major Lazer hosts its own Cartoon on FXX! The care and attention put into the brand has added to the hype and anticipation of the new album. From a personal point of view, knowing Major Lazer for its vast carefully chosen collaborations, it was a delight to see how affordable the album was! The album features ‘Wild Belle, Elliphant, Jovi Rockwell, Chronixx, Dj Snake, Mo, Ellie Goulding, Tarrus Riley, Nyla, Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Mad Cobra, Ariana Grande and Machel Montano’ which feature throughout the 9 track album.

Be Together Feat Wild Belle.
Experimental is the core of this song, a great way to start the album that will catch many people off guard. A very stripped back drum focused record. Wild Belle’s vocal tones accompany the simply crafted riddim, which sets the tone for the album. Great use of Steel Drums!

Too Original Feat Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell
In complete contrast to ‘Be Together’, greeted by a roaring crowd and whistles youd expect to hear from a classic dancehall video, Drums roll into an abrupt vocal from Elliphant in an Mia style rap. Having explored Eliphant’s music and featuring it on Reggae Roots & Bass, Her voice works well with the Bass driven genres such as EDM and Trap. Well produced, similar to the interesting electronic concoctions that can be heard on Free The Universe, the previous album however, its clear this song suits a live stage show with the EDM style drop which would attract a festival field, dancehall to jump up and down and party.

Blaze Up The Fire Feat Chronixx
Inevitably it would be surprising if one of the leading reggae singers out on the scene didn’t feature on the album. Welcome Chronixx, high-energy start to this song accompanied with the distinctive voice of Chronixx, Reggae influenced build up using guitars and fading builds the anticipation for a heft drop. The drop again is built for the live show. Very catchy hook and the song is instantly recognisable, the Trap breakdown half way through brings a different element of the record but a likeable song with many elements.

Major Lazer Peace is the mission

Lean On Feat Mo & DJ Snake
Arguably one of the biggest songs in the world for some time in terms of production, simplicity and attraction of all music lovers of all ages genders and interests globally. Admittedly it took a few listens to get use to the record, I would catch bits in taxis and the end of the song on a radio show but having listened repeatedly, one of the best songs on the album. The relaxing element of this record and the Middle Eastern instruments, especially the drums really make the record diverse. The video is highly recommended! Mo’s Vocals really suit the mood set by the song and the Millions of plays on sound cloud suggests more agree.

Powerful Feat Ellie Goulding & Tarrus RIley
A random collaboration in terms of vocals, that works very well! Tarrus’s raw soulful voice works in perfect harmony with Ellie’s husky eloquent tones. A simply constructed song but the harmonies and lyrics make the record; you could imagine this record in a range of films. Big bass and big drums fuel the passion in this song and could lift a few hairs on the back of your neck.

Light It Up Feat Nyla
In this song you could identify the same drum style as Lean on which work are the album progresses. The song starts with an ‘Electric Chime’ style ringing with Nyla has a distinctive voice, which is similar to the delivery of Eliphant. The ‘Drop’ makes the song purely down to the experimental liquid electronic ringing, similar to when you would collect coins on an old Atari Game but nonetheless another intensely crafted record.

Roll The Bass
After a relaxing tone throughout, the grit we’ve been used to in the past with, Bumaye, Lose yourself, Come To Me, Pon De Floor, Original Don etc hasn’t been so apparent. However, having spoken to Walshy Fire on Reggae Roots & Bass when asked what was different from previous works, he indicated that this was a well crafted and designed album that they could look back on in x amount of years and be proud of musically and so far through the album, its very different than what I personally expected but im very happy! Roll The Bass is quite difficult to describe. Drums bring us into the song and what sounds like tapping empty pipes/glass bottles and then a trance style chord rings out, similar to what you’d expect to the ‘Out Of Space’ Prodigy Remix or maybe find in Manchester’s Hacienda in the 90’s / 80’s but, then enters my favorite vocal on the album, although it isn’t listed who it is. This feels like classic Major Lazer, You can picture Diplo and Walshy climbing into the big inflatable spheres getting ready to run across thousands of people. It’s hard to describe what the drop is like; it resembles maybe a European police siren that’s raving. Regardless a high energy record that has an incredible trap breakdown which is truly a ‘two hands in the air’ moment, watch out for this tune in the summer festivals!

Night Riders Feat (Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, Pusha T & Mad Cobra)
For someone that’s not so much into Hip Hop I do like this record! Interesting beat designed for the artists, an interesting come down from Roll The Bass. I can imagine Rick Ross on the tune, a couple of his ‘Huh’ ringing about would top it off. Pusha T delivers hard bars and leaves you screw facing the same as his work with Chase & Status. Mad Cobra deserves the collab for his work but truly adds the diverse elements in this record. Easy listening and a good record overall.

All My love Feat Ariana Grande & Machel Montano (Remix)
Interesting way to finish off the album, with a chart topper and a king of Soca, couldn’t expect any less than energy in this mix. Grande’s angelic harmonies ring throughout whilst Montano keeps the hype throughout, a good way to finish the album, very easy listening and a good remix of the original.

I don’t know if my fans were expecting these kinds of records on the album but for someone who loves music in general but loves weird and wonderful experimental riddims, A Great album for anybody who can appreciate good music. The tour which rolls into early 2016 will be phenomenal and high energy and no doubt one of the hottest tickets around the world. Who knows what will come out next from the Major Lazer Camp! Big up Diplo, Walshy Fire & Jillionaire.