Review: Fullanny – One Step

By Liam Monaghan

A new EP will hit the airwaves soon via a Dutch/Surinamese artist named Fullanny. Recorded at Skyline Studio and mastered at Area 026 Music, One Step features the House Of Riddim Band which consists of the likes of Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer, Herb Parker, Motassem and Billah Syed. The riddims on the EP are built in a very modern style but they still keep fragments of roots style Reggae music. All songs are sung by Fullanny and he’s backed with Tamara Nivillac, Silvany La Croes and Aldiner Laurent. The EP is produced by Jmotive. Sometimes harmonies goes to waste in songs and sometimes they can really make hairs on the back of your neck stand, you’ll hear on this EP that there is some middle ground and that the backing vocals just give a nice subtly allowing Fullanny to chant away nicely. The cover design for the EP is done by World A Reggae’s own Danny Creatah.

One Step Forward
The harmonies I talked about previously are mainly shown off in this track. A nice fulfilling chilled out song. The riddim isn’t much of a mess and its not chaotic. Very simply built with some relaxed drums and a simple bass line which allows Fullanny to deliver his lyrics. The track is pretty much an anti Babylon song with the core of the song basing on Babylon wanting you to live on the edge of a cliff and Fullanny can’t forget!

The Truth Fullanny Ft Fanta Mojah
A Nice riddim, its not a million miles away from the previous riddim we heard with One Step Forward but its more bouncy and has a lighter feel to it. We hear out first collaboration in this track with Fanta Mojah and that powerful soulful voice really gives something to this track, the grit in the voice works well in contrast to Fullanny which makes the track an interesting listen. Another anti Babylon track basically where Fullanny is giving us the truth and explains how when we speak the truth, Babylon does not like it. A chilled song which is a nice listen, slightly an abrupt end of the record but nice.

Here We Go Again Ft Turbulence
Another collaboration and the last one of this EP and it does not disappoint. The riddim is a bit more.. oomph. A deeper bass line and some great drumming really give this track an edge over the previous tracks. The riddim is far more upbeat which suits Fullanny’s voice and style and obviously Turbulence delivers a soulful segments throughout the track and id would say this is probably the strongest track I’ve heard yet.

Run Come
We fly down that slide of tempos to a more familiar relaxed riddim. Another nice track from Fullanny with some nice backing vocals on the chorus, the only way to describe this track is… nice. Its a positive track with a showing of respect to the Nyabnighi drummers and the style of drumming. Id say this is the live track that will get the crowd participating. The tune is catchy and will stick in your head for a while, a nice hook!

Break Free
There isn’t much variance in this EP to be fair, the riddims sound very much like each other in some way, same tempo same style and its a shame. The story in this track is quite simple, Fullanny tells us that we need to break free, run from the devil and give thanks! Theres not much point in describing the riddim as you can read the last few tracks apart from Here We Go again. Another nice track though from fullanny, theres no discredit to him, his lyrics and voice are positive and upful.

The final track on the EP and Fullanny tackles the everyday issue of having a barney with the boyfriend or girlfriend. This is definitely one of the stronger tracks on album. Its very relatable to everyone around the world. Issues of how much time do you give it in a relationship whilst its rough, is she faking? arguing Is a curse. I know its not supposed to be a humorous a track but for some, they will find humour in this track as its relatable to a past relationship but others will feel that they may feel the exact same and they’re lost what to do!

Interesting EP, the riddims didn’t really change up as much as I would of liked, I listened to each track a fair few times before I get slated for not being spiritual and at one with the music. I admire Fullanny’s song writing and his lyrical ability because he’s clearly a clever guy. The collaborations on this track are very sensible and work well and give a new dynamic to the EP. It would be interesting to hear what comes out the next 2 musical chapters for Fullanny on the other 2 upcoming EP’s.

Fullanny – One Step
Mixing  / Della mix, Jay Moezart, Mixed by Chopz
Mastering  / AREA 026 MUSIC
Studio  / Skyline studio, JMotive
Backing vocals  / Tamara Nivillac, Silvany La Croes, Aldiner Laurent
Composers  / Sam Gilly, Manfred Scheer, Herb Pirker, Motasem Billah Syed