Review: Lion D – Born in Captivity EP

Born in Captivity’ is a collection of five reggae singles of Lion D. It includes three singles produced by Leo Bizzarri and played by The Livity Band released in 2019 (‘System Failure’, ‘Eyez Wide Open’, ‘Proud’), and two brand new singles, ‘Puff My Sensi’, from a riddim produced by Reggie Beatz and ‘Queen Of The Dancefloor’, produced by Paolo Baldini and played by Mellow Mood.

The opening track of the EP, ‘System Failure’ touches the problems of nowadays political systems. Lion D is determined to attack and pinpoint those Babylon failures with his lyrics and love! The title tracks video premiered in october on the Reggaeville channel.

The second track on the EP ‘Queen of the Dancefloor‘ is a nice laid back reggae track, that as the title indicates, is dedicated to the beautiful women dancing in the dances. The end of the track has a nice dubby feeling to it which clearly shows the signature of Paolo Baldini.

Track number 3, ‘Eyez Wide Open’ has a bit of a Hip Hop feeling and if we interpret it right, it tells the story about fighting criminality. “Keep your eyes open wide in the kingdom of the blind”

Track 5, ‘Proud’, tells the story about Lion D and the things he has achieved in his life until now. Feeling Proud as a Lion for the time he is in the reggae business and the things he has gone through to become the winner that he has become.

What is a reggae album or EP without a good Marijuana track? The track ‘Puff My Sensi’ is what it says, a track that feels like he recorded it in a slow elevated mood. Again a track with Hip Hop like influences wherein he speaks about how the Sensi makes him feel better and forget his bad moods.

‘Born in Captivity’ EP is produced by Bizzarri Records and distributed by Believe Digital, and is a real solid production that shows the skills of the Artist as well as his production team. A force to be reckoned with!

By Danny Creatah