Review: Omar Perry – New Dawn

Being the son of a musical icon can be a great thing, or a negative thing. There can be a certain expectation of you to do well at something or preserve the family name. Omar Perry son of Lee ‘Scratch Perry’, certainly is his own man and artist. Born in Kingston Jamaica in 1968, at the age of 6, teaming up with his sister, they sang records from the likes of Junior Byles and being surrounded by music constantly, music was in the blood and the mission statement of the future was made.

By Liam Monaghan

The Upsetter Juniors consisted of Omar’s brother and sister and they did the rounds competing in various talent competitions and small gigs across the island. They ambitiously started their own label supporting local artists. After splitting from the group by 1990, Omar had enough experience and development as an artist to start working as an engineer in a 4 tracks studio. After years of working with some of the biggest reggae artists, he toured Africa and became a reggae ambassador to Gambia. Today he’s dropped us a new album titled New Dawn and its nicely put together.

Living Legend
A nice kick off to the album, we are greeting with commentary of Haile Selassie visiting an unknown destination. The riddim drops in and the bass is nice and the drums accompany very well. If you listen carefully you’ll hear some hand percussion which is small but effective. Perry has an interesting voice and it just keep you gripped to what he’s saying. Nice track.

Riddim is nice and bubbly with some nice horn work and Perry discusses free speech and free talk and living like kings and queens. Freedom is something that is discussed a lot in reggae music especially but this track differs from previous tracks I’ve heard addressing the topic. A good listen.

Educated Fool
Upbeat vibes from Perry with a huge new delivery and style we haven’t heard! Great hook and chorus on this one. The riddim consists of the big bass and stripped drum with some wicked horns, a nice track! The title of the track is gripping and the lyrics capture your attention as Perry does his thing.

Bad Mind people
Wicked riddim, summer vibes and definitely the live track this summer from Perry. The term Bad Minded People is being used more and more in Reggae music and its quite an interested term of phrase. This track sums up people that have a bad mind and it’s an enjoyable listen. Uplifting, empowerment and progress is the mission statement in this record.

Sound The Trumpet Ft Dub Inc.
The only collab on the album comes from Dub Inc and this is a wicked tune! Upbeat, vibes, different styles and delivery, a highlight of the album. Readers will know I enjoy some horns because it just uplifts a whole record and creates a vibe other instruments don’t. The track is a vibrant track and there’s some great work from Dub Inc on this riddim.

Can’t Escape (Global Warming)
Global warming is an ongoing debate and discussion around the globe and more and more artists are discussing the topic in their music. Rather than discuss all the damage we are doing, Perry discusses how we can’t escape from global warning and change. Mentions of Selassie, think about your children, future and judgment set the tone of the seriousness in this record.

There’s 14 tracks on this album from Perry and it’s a good listen. There is a combination of topical record along with some easy listening records. Perry isn’t new to the scene and he’s not disappointed with this album. The production is quality and there is enough of a mix throughout the album to keep things fresh and different. Get to know Of Omar Perry and See him perform live.

Also listen to this: Omar Perry presents his own album alongside Johan Livens on Roots and Culture Radio, Belgium.

Released: May 25, 2018
℗ 2018 Khanti Records

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