Review: The Lambsbread – World Needs Love

A new album out of Hawaii from Lambsbread. The album is called ‘World Needs Love’ and it does indeed. We get to hear members of Lambsbread do their thing whilst also hearing keys from Jacob Selassie and Samuel Levi on drums. With some big albums that come out this year its a great time for Reggae music, it will be interesting to see what the group decided to tackle in their tracks, its easy to assume religion, war and politics but the skill is what you’re saying about those topics and how you are saying those topics. Theres some good collaborations ahead on this album and seeing the world Sizzla gets me excited to hear whats instore.

By Liam Monaghan

Thanks And Praise
To kick us off on the album we start with a chilled record, its an easy listening record but the vocal doesn’t really stick for me, I don’t know if its the mastering or the fact that in my preference the gentleman’ss voice just is too raw for this tempo and style and riddin. The message of the track is what it says on the tin, which is give thanks and praises for various things. I like the horn lines in this track and theres some nice drumming in the track which I would love to see a dub mix of as with the vocal it would sound deep and heavy.

Soljahs Of Jah ft Messenjah Selah & JC Subliminal
Upbeat riddim for this one, we welcome a couple of artists on this track. The riddim as it goes on is quite a nice a riddim, it breaks down allowing the mc’s to deliver their chants and it really strips back throughout the middle with this dub like echo which gives a sense of seriousness with the beat. The track is an encouragement track for the “Souljahs of Jah who need to stand firm and have the heart of lion”. Subliminal & Messenjah Selah bring a nice uplifting vibe with their voice in contrast to the monotone chants of Lamsbread.

Feel The Vibes Ft Morgan Heritage
Probably my favourite ridden so far on this track, I used to like everything Morgan heritage did until the recent album and a few of the new productions, my respect for Morgan Heritage and Gramps & Peetah Morgan is huge! i was cautious of them on this track because they turn out some wicked music with Child Of Jah for example, a few Dubstep like tracks have sent them all over the place. This track doesn’t disappoint, best track for me on the album so far, uplifting and positive and Peetah’s voice is phenomenal!

Who Needs Love

Theres quite a few tracks out at the moment thats tackling the politicians of the world but this track speaks to me considerably. “Wake up today, see whats taking place taken, selfishness” is a lyric that stands out to me and speaks volume because its what I do myself, I get up in a morning, read the newspaper or switch on the TV and see chaos, the news is literally a 30 minute program of how things are bad in the world. A relaxed ridden giving a platform for Lambsbread to speak some truth. Nice track, this style of ridden suits his voice more.

In the Streets

The track focuses around the violence and poverty in the streets and how corruption and politicians continue to not help the people in the streets and sort out slavery, not necessarily physical but mentally. The ridden is straight forward, off strumming guitar’s with some nice drum arrangements. The song repeats itself but its not boring! Lamsbread chants away the direct message In the track which is that as a world we have a problem in our streets. You could be in Africa, Japan, UK, it doesn’t matter where you live, theres still slavery and problems outside our front door.

Roots & Cuture ft Sizzla
I was excited to hear this track with SIzzla as he brings something to every track and also he delivered a great new album earlier in the year. Its a nice riddim! Bubbly and fresh, Sizzla’s verses contrast Lambsbreads deep voice. The track goes on to discuss fighting for truth and roots and culture and how the babylon system will fall. Its a nice easy listening riddim.

Trodding is the name of this track and trodding through this album is what we are doing, another riddim which sounds like a fair few before it, the only difference is some upbeat keys that are being conducted in a ska style. This track is another safe easy listening track. You can argue and say that I’m not listening on a spiritual level or I’m not at one with the music however after listening to each track multiple times there is some nice lyrics in this track but it doesn’t Stand out for me.

Rise Up
Another riddim that sounds like the previous, the premise of the track is nice but I don’t really feel it. The dub style splashes are nice and the bassline having a little wander keeps the track fresh but again the voice sounds too flat for me, some female lead vocals on this track would be great to give us something different, the likes of Jah9 or Lila Ike would be nice on this track. An easy listen and more solid messages.

I don’t really know how to feel about this album, its not to my personal taste. Is it upbeat? in places. Is it conscious? Yes. Does it have positive messages? yes. Does it all sound similar? yes. Good collaborations? yes. Religious aspects aside and just as someone who listens to music who maybe not into Reggae, will they like this album? Probably not. I think there is some positives in the album as there is some good lyrics and some powerful segments within tracks. Highlight tracks for me are ‘Feel The Vibe’ Ft Morgan Heritage and ‘Who Needs Love’. I’m sure many with disagree and fans of Lambsbread will hate me, I just didn’t feel the full vive of the album, sorry!