Steel Pulse is back with Mass Manipulation Album!

Reggae Icons Steel Pulse have released the first new album in 15 years, after 2004’s African Holocaust LP, and it’s amazing! Everything you would expect from such a legendary band is on there. The sound, as well as the lyrics, are up to par and that becomes very clear in the first track of the album called Rise! Strong lyrics with heavy basslines like we are used to from David Hinds and his men.

Apparently, the band used their 15 years of album silence well according to the 17 tracks on the album. Track after track from ‘Stop Your coming and come’ to ‘Nations of the World‘ are all tracks with a message that fits nowadays society and social issues. A good example of that are track 6 called ‘Human Trafficking’ track 8 ‘Don’t Shoot’ about Police Brutality and Cry Cry Blood, which is also released on video.

The Title Track ‘Mass Manipulation’ is exactly what it promises; a cry for help since we are all seem to be heading for destruction. Followed by ‘World Gone Mad’ addressing all the things happing on this crazy planet of ours.

The odd one out for us on this album is a remake of the 1986 single by Steve Winwood’s ‘Higher Love’. A nice uptempo Poppy track, but we wouldn’t have missed if it was left off of the album.

Overall great album coming from Steel Pulse after so long. The amount of 17 track is a bit much, maybe they could have better split it up. But again, This is another album that can’t be missed in your (Steel Pulse) Collection.

Released: May 17, 2019
℗ 2019 Rootfire Cooperative / Wiseman Doctrine