Suckarie releases WHEN THE TRUMPET SOUNDS Debut Album

When The Trumpet Sounds, the debut album from the eclectically prolific writer/musician, Suckarie, is a collection of music about love and the journey of emotions that can come with it. As he describes it, “love comes in many different forms and impacts our lives in so many powerful ways.” This personal view is creatively evident in his lyrics, where each song takes you on a journey through his thoughts and emotions about those he once loved and those forever beloved. From love to relationships with family and friends, his soulful lyrics paint a picture so vivid, the hearts of every listener are sure to be touched and their bodies compelled to move. The first track, “Our Love,” a song detailing his deep proclivity for his love that he met through a mutual friend, leaves his audience emotionally connected to the success of their love connection with every eloquent lyric. The album is consummated with its 12th track, “Favorite Song,” an acoustic version to track #8. This song is a poetic ode to lost loved ones, missed so deeply, that their beautiful memories still powerfully linger, especially when their nostalgic “favorite song” is played. With impactful features, including a few from his own family, “Changes” and “Glad”- Suckarie provides a deeper look into his life for his loyal fans and those to come.

Label: SmS Muzic
Release Date: August 21st 2020