Cali P – Carry The Load

Several weeks ago Recording artist CALI P announced the release date of his new EP “Healing Of The Nation” (Nov 7th 2014) in Montreal at the IF3 Festival in Canada. He is now currently in Europe promoting the release and will be travelling to London from Oct.31st to Nov.4th for a radio promotion Tour, then back to Switzerland for the official release party on the 6th Nov before flying to Jamaica and Guadeloupe for more shows.

“Carry The Load” is the third extract from the EP following “My Home” and “Solution” which were released over the past 2 weeks as part of the itunes instant gratification program (by pre-ordering the EP you get these tracks exclusively sent to your account immediately before the release date).
The song was composed and produced by New York based KHEILSTONE MUSIC whose last collaboration with HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS was RANDY VALENTINE’“Treat Her right” which got heavy rotation on reggae shows throughout the US, Japan and Europe earlier this year.

Starting with a Heavy drum pattern, the hypnotising bassline (played by PELE from the RAGING FYAH BAND) will captivate you from the start of the song in which CALI P chants in a prayer-like fashion to remind his fans of some of his earlier days works like the “Lyrical Faya” album (2007). While this track is an ode to Unity, Faith and just as he chants Redemption, it also has very much provoking lyrics: From “Racial discrimination still a gwaan in this time, the people them expose what the media try to hide” to “Righteous music make the whole a wi a gather” – giving the song perfect sense for it to be included on a project such as “Healing Of The Nation”.

Beautifully arranged by KHEILSTONE, the song is a breath of fresh air for any real reggae fan! It will also be featured on his next compilation: REGGAE ROOT RIDDIM alongside various other artists which will be releasing soon.