Derajah – The Time Is Now / Dub Is Now

Jamaican singer Derajah recently won global reggae magazine United Reggae’s production
competition with his song The Time Is Now, which has been mixed by UK’s Daniel Boyle and
was just released on his D Music label, distributed by Nu-Roots. At the same time Derajah
prepares for his second album – The First Book.

Derajah has recorded since the early 2000’s, but got his big break when he started working with legendary
guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith and his music collective Inna De Yard. His debut album Paris is Burning –
released in 2011 – was however recorded with French band Donkey Jaw Bone along with a few Jamaican

Since the release of his debut, Derajah has worked on a number of projects, including his brand new song
The Time is Now, which last year won United Reggae’s production competition and got mixed and dubbed
by Grammy-nominated producer and mixing engineer Daniel Boyle, who has previously worked with artists
such as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Max Romeo, Sylford Walker, Winston McAnuff, Oriel and Rosa Shanti.
“The song is wonderful and it was recorded by myself when I was struggling, so for me it’s a blessing to
have the final mix and master ready,” says Derajah, and continues:
“For me, The Time Is Now represents a fresh start and the message of the song is that the time is now. It’s
time for prosperity, progress, goodness, greatness and redemption. It’s my time, your time and our time. It’s
time for I man redemption.”

The songs on the new album are produced by Derajah and recorded at his home in Kingston and in various
domestic and international studios. The Time is Now is available now on 7” and digital download with a dub
version – Dub is Now – by Daniel Boyle.

“Daniel Boyle mixed the song the way I had anticipated it. He is one of the best engineers I have worked
with. It’s a work of art – the composition, the instruments, the vibes, the love, the tears and the joy,” says

The artwork on the single was made by Jess Clarke, who wanted to put forward a mystical side.
“I focused on the divine light, which illuminates the scene, and Derajah’s name. And blurred the side for the
hourglass to illustrate the passing of time. The symbol below the title is the spiral of time, the infinite
movement. Time is short, but it is eternal,” says Jess.

Derajah would like to thank Daniel Boyle, Anais Goasdoue, United Reggae team, The Viceroys, Daniel
McCauley, Samory-I, Jah9, Debo Ras, all Inna De Yard team, fans and well-wishers in radio, print media
and bloggers. “Big respect to Timothy “Quik Keys” Kahwa, great engineer! Before I leave, I must say big
respect to my family, my wife and child for their continuous support and love. The time is now, give thanks.”

Produced by Deraja Mamby (D Music)
Recorded at Quick Keys Recording Studio (Jamaica)
Sound engineering by Timothy “Quik Keys” Kahwa
Mixed by Daniel Boyle at Rolling Lion Studio (UK)
Song written by Deraja Mamby
Musicians involved in the project include Damian Gordon on bass, Ras
Boris Milchev Nenov on drums, keys, organ and clavinet and Deraja
Mamby on percussion.

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