K.W.S.S.C. ft Baby G, Sasses & Anthony Lion – Music Is Love

K.W.S.S.C. (Pablo x Alexandra) ft. Baby G, Sassass & Anthony Lion – Music Is Love
Lionart Records

Single “Music Is Love” was written and recorded in the french town Montpellier at Greg’s (Fury Bass Sound – french sound) home studio.

K.W.S.S.C. artistes Pablo and Alexandra met with Greg on Facebook few years ago and then them meet personally in Montpellier, where he introduced them to artistes Baby G, Anthony Lion and Sassass.

They decided send a big international message to the world…Its no borders between peoples, no borders between countries, there is only one planet and it is our motherland,
to show massive that music is love, music is unity!

There are 4 countries involved into this single: Russia (Pablo & Alexandra from K.W.S.S.C.), Baby G (France, originally Martinique), Sassass (Morocco), Anthony Lion (France), Lukki Lion (Germany)(Production).