Lion D – Born A Rebel

Italy based Italian/Nigerian roots artist Lion D released a new song called “Born A Rebel” on the Bizarri Label. The song is Released this March 19, 2021.

“Born A Rebel” is the brand new single from Lion D, produced by Bizzarri and published by Senza Dubbi on March 19th.
The sound of the song, unlike the previous release “Anything Goes”, is typically new roots reggae, and the message is, as expected from Lion, very conscious.

“Born A Rebel” topic is basically about being and staying true to yourself, and how that can become a real act of rebellion, an act of conscious rebellion.

The instrumental part’s been performed by the Livity Band and the backing vocals are by the Living Harmonies.

Lyrics by D.A. Ferri
Played by The Livity Band
Produced by Bizzarri
Backing vocals by Empress Elisa and Blacky Grace
Drums by Matteo (Mammolo) Mammoliti
Bass by Agu Marson
Guitars by Ermanno Fabbri
Keyboards by Daniele Di Marco and Fabio Visocchi
Trumpet and Trombone by Riccardo “Jeeba” Gibertini
Nyabinghi drums by “U Carbun Congo”
Mix and master by Dario “Daddario” Casillo at Bizzarri Studio