MIcah Shemaiah & Giark – Rude Bwoy Jamaica

What is Rude bwoy jamaica as referred to by micah shemaiah & giark:

Rude Bwoy is about positive change and as the term goes its from our foundation in the Ghettos of Jamaica where ones had to grow up very rough. its not about wrong doings its about being tough and not standing for what the system has to offer us. Micah Shemaiah

In Continuing- Original rude bwoys of Jamaica were not always violent gun toting gangsters but breddrens and even sistrens who were not part of the status quo, who did not subscribe to certain things the “society” called norms,
In my research of rude boys in Jamaica almost every site had a Rasta Man or a man and sister with afro, although they also had men with guns it goes to show that as a Rastaman choosing to have a particular diet, have a certain lifestyle and “rebel against the system”… “they” would have considered you a “rude bwoy”.

This song in no way shape or form promotes gangsterism