Miriam – Royal KhaoZ

Hailing from Jamaica and based in the Bronx, NY is the face of Reggae Fusion: Royal KhaoZ. Why the name Royal KhaoZ? – “No revolution will be had without chaos, no change without disruption. From the crumbled standards and forms, a royal way of thinking will rise.” Born out of the Jamaican spirit of building your own world from the ground up, Royal Khaoz is consistently fresh and fiercely independent.

The royal sound – built on the foundations of reggae, and fusing it with R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and World Music – is one that has brought them onto mainstay stages and platforms across the nation. With a decade of experience under their belt, the group is ready to welcome listeners into their world. The only ask is a willingness to embrace the chaos, to disrupt our previous ways of thinking and define our new world, even down to the language we speak. Mongst up!

Royal Khaoz is: Jermaine “Bama” Williams Andre “DreTegs” Hawthorne and Kavi “Coco” Forgie. “MIRIAM” by Royal Khaoz, is now streaming on all digital platforms.