Natty King, from ‘No Guns To Town’ to ‘Early Morning’. Rebelling against gun violence in Jamaica.

Following his January 7 release of his new ‘Rebellution” album, Natty King is on a mission to ignite a Rebellution to bring his conscious lyrics to the people dem. His next big release (which is already getting airplay in Jamaica), from the album is a follow-up on his biggest hit ‘No Guns To Town‘ which he released in 2005. With this new track ‘Early Morning‘, again the storytelling artist addresses the (gun) violence in Jamaica. In the track, the artist touches on the daily hardship of the ‘decent people’ that fear going out on the streets because of the violence in certain areas of Kingston. As he sings:

Look how long I warn.
The youth dem just don’t got no ears.
Dem tek no talk
Have the people dem living in fear
Mama in a pain
Her one son life gone down the drain
No more blood stain
Fi more life i and i a campaign!

Last January 25th, Natty King and World A Reggae teamed up for the live streaming of his Album release Event at his WellOwell Studio in Kingston.