I-Octane Teams Up with Ginjah on “One Chance”

By MPR Consulting

The saying “you’ve got one life, one chance and what you do with it is up to you” are meaningful words to live by, and the subject of inspiration for dancehall/reggae star I-Octane and Ginjah’s breakthrough hit “One Chance”.

Produced by Ainsworth and Lyndon Hull for Footstepzz records, “One Chance” is the second single from I-Octane’s anticipated forthcoming album who will boast the artist’s versatility by featuring a track listing pairing reggae and dancehall. “I can’t take the credit for the song, I was overseas when I got the call for the collaboration, by the time I got back to Jamaica, Ginjah had already laid the chorus and the meaningful lyrical substance, it set the tone.” explained I-Octane of the song’s creation.

Mi only need one chance… even that opportunity cause mi have ambition, ghetto youth need one chance, we only need one..” are reggae artist Ginjah’s lyrical declaration.

Through the door we need one foot, one chance, one opportunity for rise pon some scrutiny...” I-Octane

The single’s message has already made it’s way unto international airwaves, and paired with a performance at Appleton Estate Signature Nights which earned well deserved praises by patrons and Appleton Jamaica’s executives, “One Chance” is rapidly becoming a much requested songs.

One Chance is a motivational song for every individual in the world. A lot of people get hundred chances and still mess up, and on the side you have that one person who just wishes for that One Chance. So you just try to do your best with that chance you have. Especially when you come from struggles, from poverty to your skin color, it’s universal. We all want that One Chance.” – I-Octane

On Monday, June 5th, 2017 I-Octane gave a thrilling performance at Red Stripe Premier League Finals, and will perform next on June 10th at Digicel Jamaica’s Racers Grand Prix in Kingston, Jamaica.