ORieL – People Say

By MPR Consulting

For international reggae artist ORieL, 2016 was a year of insight, musical growth and triumph over adversity. “Confidence” was the key, music was the doorway.

After releasing “Confidence 2.0” and “Love SoulJah” EPs, and various successful singles, ORieL will be delivering his debut album to much anticipation in the Spring. Presently at work finishing the yet untitled album, ORieL has released the lead single “People Say”.

Produced by the Afar Music Group production team consisting of ORieL, Ludwig Grant and Lloyd Willacy, “People Say” was written by ORieL and tells of a tale as old as time.. Love! The artist melodious and honey coated raspy voice laid to the R&B infused beat sings of perseverance through people’s skepticism of one’s relationship, ‘…people say its never gonna last but i believe in us so let the people talk..”

Speaking on the song, ORieL stated, “Love is an emotion that connects all humans, no matter the race, creed or class, it is a uniting feeling. We can all relate at one point or another in our lives.”

Further adding “I sing of real life, from social conscious matters to love, People Say is one of the aspects of my upcoming album, just like it is one of the aspects of life..”