Perfect Giddimani releases “Goodbye – Genna Genna” a tribute to Drew Keys

Goodbye (Genna Genna) is a tribute Perfects longtime friend, producer, and musician, Drew Keys who passed away suddenly a couple of months ago. The passing of Drew Keys was a shock to many in the industry but none more so than those who worked closely with him. He became family to many, so it was only fitting to make a tribute in the medium he loved and lived for.
The chorus of the song came from a voice note that Giddimani did 2 years ago. After the passing of his friend he retrieved the voice note and decided to write and produce a song from it.

Perfect linked up with some musicians and got in the studio, created the beat and then added his vocals.  

The message is pure, the delivery is genuine, and the situation is realistic. We can all relate to this song now or in the future.
To all the loved ones that have gone before us we miss you we love and we salute you with a bright smile.

#FlyHigh #GennaGenna.

Goodbye Genna Genna – Perfect Giddimani
Composer – Motasem Billah Syed ,  Edward Love , Greg Winston Rose
Writer – Greg Winston Rose aka Perfect Giddimani
Label – Giddimani Records