Premiere: Yaadcore – The Calling

Yaadcore wants you to answer ‘ The Calling ’

Reggae artiste Yaadcore is channeling a Reggae/Hip-Hop fusion for his latest release, ‘The Calling . Co-produced by Haitian-born Young Zoe Beats, ‘ Ready Now ’ producer Ian McKee and Yaadcore himself, the single takes on a retrospective tone speaking to creatives who look to answer their proverbial ‘call’ that appears when it’s time to set fire to one’s passion. “I want people to connect with the song and realize their calling,” Yaadcore said. “ To listen to the call – ignoring the discouraging talks and obstacles.
Once there’s life there’s hope… wah nuh dead, nuh dash it weh .” The Calling was created as a vehicle to voice ‘the call’ which will ultimately lead one on their way to realizing their goals. The song is part of a 27-track, a multi-produced mixtape entitled ‘ Sumn Different: “Cyah Seh Yuh Neva Know ”’ and features brand new music from Yaadcore & Karbon with a few guest appearances from Lila Ike & Runkus + More. It is also the third release coming out of the partnership between Yaadcore’s own 12 Yaad Records and Delicious Vinyl Island – the first being “ No Fenke Fenke ”, released in 2018.

Having cemented his place as one of the genre’s pivotal tastemakers, Yaadcore, founder of global party Dubwise Jamaica and creator of the Reggae Aroma Mixtape. In 2019 Yaadcore answered his calling and has quickly secured his place as an artist on his hit single ‘Ready Now’. Raised in Mandeville, Jamaica, Yaadcore learned the art of “playing sound” from his father, a selector for a local sound system, Love People International. First gravitating to dancehall, he soon became disillusioned with the genre’s explicit content leading to his transition over what he describes as the seeds of the “reggae revival” — a close-knit group of young reggae singers, deejays and musicians who blend the upful, cultural vibes of classic roots reggae with a modern approach to music-making and branding.

Yaadcore teases “The Calling” on the upcoming “Sumn Different: Cyah Seh Yuh Neva know” Mixtape to be released on June 4 just before “The Calling” as a partnership between 12 Yaad Records and Delicious Vinyl Island. ‘The Calling’ is available across all DSPs.