Rebel – M3chi and Mundo Don

Irie Yute Records teams up with M3chi and Mundo Don for the March 11th release of “Rebel“. Irie Yute Records is owned and operated by Phillip McFarlane, who is also a member of the popular Roots Rock Reggae band EarthKry. Irie Yutes has been known to deliver quality authentic Jamaican music as seen by the likes of Zuggu Dan, Dalwayne, Rik Jam, and Janeel Mills to name a few.

This isn’t the first time Mundo Don and M3chi are collaborating, as their first release together “Unstoppable” is causing waves in Jamaica and is fast spreading. Rebel is eagerly anticipated by the fans as well as the reggae community. The track is about the current state of Jamaica and the problems that are present because of the country’s past. It looks to open the eyes of listeners to the rebellious spirit which has been passed down from generation to generation. Like Unstoppable, M3chi delivers another powerful hook while Mundo Don’s prolific lyricism elaborates in the verses. In conclusion, this song is a solid “Rastaman chant” it tackles real-life issues head-on and sheds some light on the system’s fallacies.