Red, Gold, and Green – Kabaka Pyramid & Damian Marley

For Kabaka Pyramid and Damian “Jr Gong” Marley it was worthy enough to unite their musical synergy to highlight the significance of the colors to Rastafari tradition and Reggae music.

Set to release July 22nd, Red, Gold & Green is brimming with the nuanced context often missing from the message. This missing context is remarkably packed into immaculate verses for which both artists are well known.

Not only is Damian Marley featured, but he is also the producer of this single. Kabaka’s debut album Kontraband was met with critical acclaim and was also produced by Damian. The result of the collaboration between Damian and Kabaka, as evidenced by records like Kontraband gives listeners the best of lyrics, musicality, and melodies.

While this dynamic duo has linked up on other tracks and productions, this one is special in its focus on a mission and meaning. It delivers a poignant and vital message about authenticity and reminds us of the identity of the tradition. While the order is tall, and the authors’ goal is lofty, this track delivers in its approach. It educates without confounding; it elaborates without meandering but most commendable is that it does not spare the often missing connections between cultures.

We like to add some extra compliments to Shane Sartor for the beautiful cover design since it hardly ever happens that we see the designer of album- and single covers getting credit. Big ups Shane Sartor for making this record stand out!!