Shuga ft. Ikaya – Dat nah guh work

“mi ears deaf to dem talking // cause ah pure negative them promoting // ah walk wid black yeye and ah run red light like 1,2,3 we demote him” – Shuga

The Penthouse Records “Riddim rider” Shuga delivers her latest project featuring fellow Jamaican Artiste, Ikaya. Continuing the equal opportunity for female entertainers campaign, the single “Dat nah guh work” reveals some of the hardships faced by most female entertainers in an attempt to excel in the entertainment industry.

“You can look at this single as a part 2 to my previous single “ride di riddim”, which spoke about the industry and how male-dominated it is. So this song, is explaining why the business is male-dominated, why its three times harder for female entertainers to be a reputable part of the music industry. I felt compelled to point out some of these things. …If you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything so we’re speaking out, we’re taking a stand against the negativity. We are setting standards for ourselves.” expressed the “I am Ebony” singer.

Over the past year, this soulful reggae singer’s profile and popularity has grown within the Jamaican and European market under the intellectual guidance of music producer Donovan Germain of Penthouse Records. To date, She has recorded and released numerous singles and promotional videos. She has performed on major local festivals such as Rebel Salute (2013), Reggae Sumfest (Summer 2014) and has completed a short tour in Europe this past summer.

Currently in the studio, she continues to produce music that will empower people, especially females by expressing views on current social issues. Stay tuned.