Stephen Dajure – Unto Zion

Upfulness Management and Stephen Dajure releases their first
co-produced single titled, Unto Zion.

In today’s world, one where we find an ongoing health crisis and constant political jousting, now more than ever may be the time for faith, love, and focus. Unto Zion by Stephen Dajure delivers all of that and more – blended with smooth chords and a subtle but gripping soulful melody, aimed at reminding everyone who listens exactly where to place their attention. The deeply spiritual song, which is a direct call back to the homeland, Mama Africa, rolls out vividly and soulful.

It continues to graph good energy throughout as Stephen beautifully harmonizes and captures not only the spirit of I and I but the legacy of all great African leaders and honored constituents of the struggle, and the constant movement towards a better day for Jah’s people in Jah’s kingdom. As a young and rising artist Stephen Dajure has delivered a song that not only sounds good but feels good in a time period where feeling good has become harder for many. It is in this vein that Stephen and co-producers Upfulness Management have crafted not only a strong record but a timely call to Jah’s faithful around the globe. To find comfort in 2020 is a luxury, we find it here and now with a new soundtrack for our journey home.