Ups and Downs – Hector Roots Lewis

Hector Roots Lewis is entering a new chapter of his multilayered artistry with the debut of his latest single, “Ups And Downs”. 

The Kingston-based musician, beloved for his powerful vocals and unique gift of creating unforgettable music moments, has completed his first project with the new producer sensation, J.L.L. The dynamic duo found chemistry in the studio, creating the up-tempo song that captures the ebbs and flow of life’s triumphs and challenges. “I wrote this song during a time when I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders and in my heart, and I know it’s a life experience that everyone can relate to especially during these times,” says Lewis. “I wanted to use that moment of feeling vulnerable to create a strong reminder that we can face the odds as they come, rise to the occasion and embrace greatness. Don’t give up in the valley – get up.”

Lewis makes history as the first artist to sign to Soul Circle Music, the record label founded by Chronixx. As the percussionist and backing vocal artist for Chronixx and Zincfence Redemption for the past 8 years, Hector is now ready to turn the page on his musical journey and legacy as a lead singer and songwriter. A self-professed “student of music” who holds a degree in Music Education and Performance, Lewis says that “Ups And Downs” is a testament to the power of music’s ability to heal, connect, evolve, and create transcendental experiences. 

J.L.L., who recently made a splash on the global music industry in September 2021 for his production credits on “Champagne Poetry” – the opening track on Drake’s chart-topping “Certified Lover Boy” album – is excited to collaborate with Hector Roots Lewis as they explore a vast range of creative sounds and visuals with the upcoming project. As the Executive Producer for the upcoming EP, he wants the quality of music from Hector’s EP to speak for itself, explaining that “I’ve really admired Hector as a talented vocalist for some time, I mean his mother Barbara Jones is a reggae legend in Jamaica’s culture. So, when the opportunity arose for us to work together, it was a no-brainer for me as a producer.” J.L.L, who has also worked with Masego, Sevana, and Jaz Elise to name a few, stepped into the role of Executive Producer for Lewis’s upcoming EP. “My goal for this project is to help Hector execute the vision he imagined to be most fitting for his legacy, expand on the mission of his message and musically bring it all to life,” he summarized.

With the expansion of Soul Circle Music well underway, Label Executive Daddi Barnz is looking forward to continued work with Lewis to nurture his talent that will add value to the dynamic landscape of the world music scene. “Roots is an exceptional talent whose diverse artistry will enrich our industry for the better, and to have him in our music family is really an honor. The goal of Soul Circle Music Label has always been to nurture organic talent by guiding through the artistic development process and to help everyone understand and appreciate the business of music, which is critical to long-term success.”