Raggamuffin ’89 – Duccio B & Terron Fabio

Duccio B, selector of One Love Hi Powa, and Terron Fabio, the voice of Sud Sound System here as beat maker, present the riddim Raggamuffin ’89 for One Love Records.

Raggamuffin ’89 brings us back to the sounds that use to tear down houses in Jamaica and not only, at the end of the 1980s. On the version, you can hear the performances of the pioneers of the international sound systems and the champions of the reggae made in Italy.

The rhythm seems especially made for Bunny General and his Conquer, while Raina magnifies the low frequencies with Under 100 and Big Simon challenges himself with a song in Patwa King Ina De Ring, as well as Virtus with his Classic Style. Killacat & Gioman also this time do Miracoli (Miracles). Peter Metro, inna conscious style, sings Chant Down Babylon, and Papa Leu brings us into the beauty of his land with his Salento Anthem and then passes the ball to Rankin Lele who pushes to never break down with Nun Te Fermare. Lady G lets herself go to a real hymn to the strength of black women with Nuh Fear Dem and finally Shakalab reminds us that there is Reggae In Ogni Città (Reggae in Every City).  An international selection for a classic One Love rhythm.

The version is simple and powerful, is the result of the alchemy between bass, drums, keyboard, Papa Leu’s guitars, and the horns, realized in the Sud Sound System Studio. The hands of Duccio B and Delta, a young producer from Rome, gave the final shape to the mixes with the voices and the masterings, made at the Sottoscala Recording Studio in Rome. The graphics were made at Domenica studio in Rome.

Raggamuffin ’89 is available on all digital platforms.

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