Third World Releases ‘Under the Magic Sun’ album

This June 10th Third World Released their ‘Under the Magic Sun’ album on Cleopatra Records .
One of the biggest crossover successes in reggae music returns with a new set of incredible studio recordings to celebrate the hits of our time!
This 14 tracks of Under The Magic Sun album feature superb and inventive versions of pop/rock classics!

CD’s come packaged in a sleek digipak, the album bursts with exquisite four-part harmonies and reggae grooves on such classic songs as Bread’s “Everything I Own,” REO Speedwagon’s “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore,” CCR’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain,” and revisitation to the band’s own hit “96 Degrees In The Shade!”  LP’s are pressed on yellow vinyl.


1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart  ( Lead Vocals Bunny Rugs)
2. I Can’t Fight This Feeling   (Lead Vocals AJ Brown)
3. My Love (Lead Vocals AJ Brown)
4. I Go Crazy  (Lead Vocals AJ Brown)
5. Have You Ever Seen The Rain ( Lead Vocals AJ Brown)
6. The Best Of My Love ( Lead Vocals AJ Brown)
7. Everything I Own  ( Lead Vocals Maurice Gregory and AJ Brown)
8. Into The Night  ( Lead Vocals Maurice Gregory)
9. Inner City Blues ( Lead Vocals Cat Coore and Norris Webb)
10. Walking In Rhythm ( Lead Vocals Stephen “Cat” Coore , Norris Webb, AJ Brown)
11. Try Jah Love ( Lead Vocals Bunny Rugs)
12. Livication  (Spoken word Richard Daley)
13. 96 Degrees ( Lead Vocals Bunny Rugs and Cat Coore)
14. Now That We Found Love ( Lead Vocals Bunny Rugs)

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