A Woman’s Worth – Roughhouse (Music Video)

“A woman’s Worth” Women are irreplaceable in the world. As one of her primary duties, it is up to a woman’s nature and duty to bring about existence for herself – through conception. Women transcend time itself by being able to provide life with their uniqueness that cannot be replaced or equaled no matter who thinks otherwise The importance women hold over men stems from them being able to coexist here while also having another role: The nurturing parent figure!

The importance and value of someone or something is generally compared and equated, however in this present sphere “WOMEN ” are above and beyond, regardless of what sexist individuals may think.
A woman’s worth is incomparable as one of her primary duties is to conceive, nature and bring to fruition the embryo to exist and coexist in this time.

True recognition and appreciation are shown and highlighted in this song for the countless duties, battles, struggles, achievement failures, sadness, happiness that most women have endured but still remain resilient in bestowing love care, and protection for their child while being a companion.
A multifunctional species that drives emotional balance and support in our society.” She is a mother she is a friend from beginning to the end”, words of this song that exemplifies her role so we all must be proud and honored to be a part of this blessing and to always be ready to uphold and respect

It is indeed a glorious infinite blessing to be connected to her, to be a part of her, and to be joined and aligned to the queen and author of life for all mankind. So behold, and be wise, for none shall abuse her, hurt her, despise her, or trod upon her weakness and seek he glory from her despair, remember thine judgment awaits fiercely,
cause she’s our mother she’s our friend from beginning to the end, she is our all, she lives eternally.

Video Production
Keith Roughhouse Powell
Pascal Pax Pudio
Eliane Hobbing

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