Aklea Neon – What I Want

Aklea Neon, a young Croatian fairy of rhyme and beat, as media named her, just dropped her first reggae tune “What I Want”. Her contagious afro sound and melodic vocals with mantric ethno breaks put her in the spotlight as one of the brightest aspiring artist of the year in her homeland. What sets Aklea apart from the singer-songwriter crowd, is her magnetic presence and a unique one-woman-bend approach while performing live.

“What I Want” is a real visual candy and true sonic treat filmed in Peru during Aklea’s adventure motor-trip with a nomad Soy Tribu. The tune is recorded in London and produced in Croatia by well-known dub master Dr. Obi from Amplifyah music. “My third single is a journey of self-discovery over and under desert dunes and relationships with others… in the end, you realize you are chasing your own tail” Aklea admits.

Doing her tunes and beats alone Aklea is keeping it authentic, lyrically slick and above all, conscious: “Six degrees of separation your soul knows not one, human to human sunray to sun.”

Always ready to spread her circles, this summer Aklea had her first tour with over 40 concert dates from Berlin to Dubrovnik. Along with her first reggae tune, Aklea presented a musical collab called Sista Salute with a selector Omega Blondie.  «At the singer-songwriter scene, women are already quite powerful but not as many girls decide to pick up the mic in a sound system culture. And when you need to say something, the best is to say it loud. Sound system got all the decibels needed.»