Alborosie ft. Jo Mersa Marley – Ready (Offical Lyric Video)

All Roots Reggae lovers and players of the genre get “Ready” because Alborosie and Jo Mersa have just released their song of the same name and it is heavy! The song begins with a ‘call to action’ asking that we come to praise Jah as Jah Jah is the conqueror. Next we get the intro of the artists performing – Alborosie and Jo Mersa, and then we get hit with heavy lyrics:
“good ones get the prayers / while ah sentence for the slayers / start
tun on the heat on each and every level every layers / we ah send out crocodiles pon dih acres /we true to dih game … not fih dih fame ….”

Those lyrics touched home because we are in music because we are true to the genre and not because ‘we ah look ah hype.’
“Ready” has several phrases that connect. Sonically, those connections are emphasized by the heavy pound of the piano and contrasted by the still heavy, yet tickle of the higher octave of the same. This song is deeper than the depths of the oceans. If you remember the impact of the Jah Army riddim, you will understand why both Alborosie and Jo Mersa are excited for this chune … it’s heavy!

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