Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg – Get Down Tonight

“Get Down Tonight” sees BLAKKAMOORE and long-time songwriting and production partner Andrew “Moon” Bain (collectively known as Paperstars) reconnect with Snoop. The duo was among the main writers and producers on Snoop’s Grammy-nominated 2013 reggae album, Reincarnated.

The animated video, by French illustrator CERËGA, stars Snoop and Blakkamoore as aliens who come to earth to “infect” people with good vibes, then fly back to space after hosting a killer party inside a dormant volcano. Of working with Snoop once more, BLAKKAMOORE says:
“It was an awesome experience. Imagine being in the studio with a legend humble enough to give you creative control, talented enough to accomplish whatever we set out to create and high enough to keep things lit the whole time.”

Get Down Tonight Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg
(W. Henry, C. Broadus, A. Bain)
Produced by Moon Bain & Jahdan Blakkamoore (Paperstars)
Drums, programing, synths: Andrew Moon Bain
Bass programing, synths: Jahdan Blakkamoore
Live Strings arranged by Robbie Crowell
Mixed by Ginarro Schianno @ Dungeon Studios, FL

Director : CERËGA (
Production manager : Bilel Allem
Art direction : CERËGA / Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / Vincent Verniers / Victor Delorme
Animation / Layout : CERËGA / Maxime Saillard / Léa-Marie Lemaire / Marine Doucet / Vincent Verniers / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Adrien Gaudin
Post Production : Léa Margerie / Nihat Hassan / CERËGA
Background colorist : Nihat / Hassan / Alice Piro / Vivienne Chim / Adrien Gaudin / Francesca Sudano / Victor Lhuillier / Victor Delorme / Théo Sigot / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan
Background Designers : Simon Chassanne / Gabriella Coumau / Virgile Chéraud / Yann Hedan / Corentin Bescond / Nihat Hassan