Blvk H3ro – H3rb Official Video

Kingston, Jamaica – April 20, 2016 – In celebration of International Weed Day, more popularly known as 4/20, Blvk H3ro presents the Highly anticipated Visuals for the hit single “Herb” and you will have no choice but to be blown away by the colors, texture and overall aesthetics of this video. Shot in the hills of stony Jamaica you can see hero and the bussweh team members( The Grei Show, Capone, Greatest and Motza) literally escaping from the babylonian system to enjoy and partake in the lamb’s breath.

Herb (Healing of the Nation)’ is strongly flavoured like A Tribe Called Quest and The Fugees but I still can’t quite place my finger on the string sample, which is a creditable production quality. H3ro’s voice swings and dances in a playful melody over a grimy hip hop drum pattern and a cinematic horn section. His seemingly effortless lyricism is let loose over jazzy double bass for magical effect in this quirky ode to the Holy Herb.

To celebrate this 420, BLVK H3RO also released THC (The Herb Connoisseur), a musical project dedicated to the Holy Herb. This eclectic collection of next-generation Jamaican music is released one year after the decriminalization of Ganja in Jamaica, but after decades of oppression for those defiant of the regime.

“THC will give you a different vibration and make you look at Herb differently,” he says, “too many people have suffered under the system and I forward in this time to bring a lickle joy, inspiration and creativity, so mek we bussweh!”

The Weed has original compositions by Blvk H3ro and productions by The Grei Show, BoomDraw & Kone, JLL and Greatest. The project also features Lord Leno (son of Burro Banton). Majority of the project was recorded at Equiknoxx studios and additional mixing and mastering done by Shotta Biggs & Kris-Karz