Capleton – Jah Man a Pray To

Hon’y Combs Records

Capleton just dropped a brand new music video for his single “Jah Man a pray to”. The song was released on Honey Comb Records and the video has already gone viral. 

This film clip was shot by talented director TinMa, and he has truly created a charged and emotional film. The essence of “Jah Man a pray to” is perfectly embodied in the music video. Capleton performs his poignant lyrics in lonely and deserted landscapes. These shots are placed alongside haunting images of corruption and crime in a struggling community. 

However, the end of the video has an uplifting message. The cinematographer showcases another side of this community, one of hope and peace. There are people getting jobs and climbing out of poverty, and simply helping one another. It’s impossible to watch this video without a tear in your eye. 

“Jah Man a pray to” is a multilayered video and song, and you have to watch it, again and again, to pick up on all of the details and nuances. The storytelling is rich and complex, with a full-bodied perspective on the core ideas of the artist. 

Follow the link below to watch the video “Jah Man a pray to”. Make sure you stay tuned for more great releases from Capleton!