Como Yo – Paolo Baldini DubFiles feat. Mellow Mood (MusicVideo)

Paolo Baldini DubFiles presents the single Como Yo together with Mellow Mood, first and foremost a tribute to the Latin American continent and its citizens. The song was born there, during a live show organized in 24 hours at the heart of Bogota.  The unexpected and overwhelming reaction of the crowd gathered at very short notice inspired the artists who spontaneously and naturally improvised a freestyle and a riddim that has now become the Latam Riddim.

Musically it is a classic UK style “power dub” which features all the trademarks of Paolo Baldini DubFiles’ digital dub productions. Starting from that live session, Paolo Baldini created the soundtrack for a tribute to the culture, the mind-set and the spirit of Latin Americans and an ode to their beautiful land.

Como Yo is available on digital platforms and will be followed by the publication of the song’s video clip (November 8, 2023 – 3PM CET), made with images sent by the public and shot during the tour in which the project was born.

La Tempesta Dub

La Tempesta Dub is the offbeat offshoot of the famous independent Italian label La Tempesta. The label’s artistic direction comes from Paolo Baldini DubFiles and Mellow Mood (both have released their music via this imprint since 2015). La Tempesta Dub celebrated its birth with a traveling mini-festival that brought the label’s artists and notable guests from Europe and Jamaica to key Italian cities. Over the years, the label has released and distributed a carefully curated catalogue of albums and singles from artists such as Forelock, Dan I and Imperial Sound Army, as well as, of course, Mellow Mood and Paolo Baldini DubFiles.