Guddu – Bob Marley Tribute Instrumental – Hey Bob!

Guddu (Kiran Sankar Sarkar) aka-Marshal Serj is a young independent musician, songwriter, composer, rapper, and producer from West Bengal, India.

Guddu started his journey of music as a bass player in his high school after listening to Stanley Clarke’s album “School Days” a cassette which he picked from trash! 

Saving pocket money and buying a mere 50 dollar bass guitar he started to learn things of his own by listening and talking with other musicians sharing approaches. After being into the scene playing blues, rock, funk, heavy metal with different bands, writing music for different internet contents commercially since 2012, On 2016 greatly influenced by the spiritual aspects and socio-ethnic narrative of Rastafarian Lifestyle, Roots Culture and Shivaite traditions he set out for a spiritual voyage with just a bag pack and ghosted for 6 months staying in different pilgrimages, ashrams, and akharas. Approaching back, he established the first-ever original producing roots reggae band in India “Lovers Mutiny”  with his sister and childhood buddies. The band released a single named “Ananda” independently fusing Carnatic Ragas, Rock Ballad style rhythmic patterns on a Reggae sound which created a buzz in the global afro-Caribbean scene, some websites embraced it saying “World Reggae” and one of the most prestigious labels in Reggae Music World “Vpal Music” distributed it digitally over the World, the founder member was featured in for an interview in one of the biggest radio stations in Africa based in Dakar, Senegal. Ananda was highly appreciated by different roots musicians and Radio Stations of the genre, globally getting spun on different radio shows.

Unfortunately, the band was disbanded while recording their debut concept album “16 dreams-Vol 1” in 2018 for drug abuse of a member and lack of proper replacement. After the hiatus of Lovers Mutiny, Guddu started composing electronic music of wide variety starting from Neo Soul to Psytrance.

Guddu is now working with some other global collaborations and a full on progressive metal/rock project named “Bhailog!” alongside with his electronic music EP “Small Towner’s Tale” and after a long hiatus Lovers Mutiny is expected to be in action late 2020 with a new line up and relatively more sweet acoustic orientation.

Song Synopsis

Bob Marley’s been an iconic figure and king of reggae music and roots culture who preached peace, love, brotherhood, unity and positivity through his art clearly expressing the principles of the Rastafarian school of thoughts, and the present global scenario of Corona Outbreak seems out to be a difficult phase and taking a huge toll on human lives globally in every aspect kinda like injecting darkness and negativity into the vein of human civilization.

So this song especially the music video is conceptualized on the central idea of sending a positive message to people through storytelling featuring different musicians and people around the globe with their  QUARANTINE VIDEO CLIPS SHOT MOSTLY ON MERE “MOBILE PHONES” and compiles quotations of Bob Marley as a tribute to him and with some personal life interpretations and thoughts of the artist. A very tough job overcoming technical difficulties has been carried of.

This track tries to portray a positive picture that “Life will be triumphant over all, this darkness can’t defeat humanity” it’s kinda like tried to audio-visually present the celebration of the life of light, life hope, positivity over death, agony, pain, pathos, and negativity.

Featured Artists
1)Asher Selector (Switzerland)
2)Ayuba Lot (Nigeria)
3)Subarna Dutta, Lovers Mutiny(India)
4)Nicola Mattia Verna(Italy)
6)Dakta Dub(India)
7)Ranji Wickramasinghe, Irie Band(Australia)
8)Claudio ‘Nescau’ Magnarello, Sensimilla Dub(Brazil)
9)Alexis Chacon, La Comuna(Mexico)
10)Jay Parmar(UK)
11)Phats De Juvenile(South Africa)
12)Juan David Chacon aka-One Chot(Venezuela)
13)Niko Souza, Brazil
14)Rohitha Jayalath, JAYASRI, Sri Lanka
15)Jalani Horton, Bambu Station, US
16)Souvik Biswas, Lovers Mutiny,India
17)Zorawar Shukla aka-General Zooz, Reggae Rajahs, India
18)Cesco Emmanuel, Kobo Town, Trinidad and Tobago
19)Valentino Thompson, Zion Tpl, Costa Rica
20)Stu Munro, Saturday Night Blues Band with Ehsaan Noorani,India 
21) DJ Jahmon, Belgium 
22) Mel Samuels,India 

Other appearances
Soham, Dr.Anirban Biswas with Adrija, Subrata Kumar Biswas, Shaswati Chowdhury, Anirban