Keida – Stand For Something

Keida Stand For Something (Official Video)
Taken from the EBB AND FLOW EP

1. Ganja Tea
2. Mad World
3. One Love
4. Hot Ash
5. M-16
6. Stand For Something
7. Stand For Something (Dub Version)

Symbolic of the rhythm of life, the fitting title Ebb and Flow is a six track compilation by Keida which embodies the essence of growth and change as inevitable outcomes of the ups and downs … the coming and goings of life. “Ebb and Flow” is an EP for the youths that I interact with daily , both in my family and in yours”. A graduated level of lyrical content is notable throughout the Ep’s track compilation introducing the audience to a more conscious side of the artist they may not have seen in her earlier work.

Opening with her Rory Stonelove produced hit “Ganja Tea”, Keida invites people to use their “meds” and their meditations in a positive way. The classic roots reggae record is followed by “Mad World” produced by Royal Order Music urging us to take the reality of our world and our contribution to that reality more seriously; highlighting that there are too many people who are displeased with the way the society is running for us not to make a conscious step for a positive change in this mad world. On her U.I.M Records produced single entitled “One Love”, Keida helps her listeners to realize the importance of one pure love as the nucleus which will stimulate a positive chain reaction in our consciousness and our interpersonal relations.