Konshens – Can’t Stay Sober (Music Video)

Konshens Can’t Stay Sober (Official Music Video) produced by Good Good Productions is a moody and provocative meditation on the pros and cons of self-medication, and the first taste of the dancehall star’s upcoming album with Ineffable Records, Red Reign. Despite the title, the track neither advocates for, or condemns, drinking and drug use. Rather, it’s KONSHENS’ way of commenting on the toll that the pandemic and recent societal upheaval has taken on our collective consciousness, and the steps we are taking to cope.

“The current climate of the world is forcing you into a state where it’s almost like you really can’t stay sober,” KONSHENS says. “I’m not encouraging it, I’m acknowledging the reality that this is what’s happening. This is a stressful time, and people are searching for an escape.”

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