Leaf Of Life spreading the Love with ‘Loving You’ EP.

The “Loving You” Ep is a 5 track collection of Rastafari love songs produced by Leaf of Life, Haile Cush Records. There are 2 features on the Ep: Ninsme hailing front of the African island of Mauritius with the duet “Your Love is So Amazing” & Chrisbaby out of Oakland, CA adding a smooth rap on the “Goddess” track. A remix of “Goddess” was released on 4/1/22 in honor of Empress Menen’s birthday.

The first track on the Ep “Wake Up” is also getting a special release as its own Ep on 4/8/22 that includes “Wake Up” acoustic, dub & acapella versions.

The third song on the “Loving You” Ep is called “I Want You” where he lets his love know just how much he needs her in his life. Closing out the Ep, Leaf of Life simmers down the vibe with “Only You (Loving You)” solidifying his intentions that it’s “Only you, you alone”, a perfect ending to this solid production.

Reggae lovesongs for the win.