Report: Shaggy keeps the party going at Amsterdam Melkweg Venue

What a night It was, last Tuesday, June 23rd in The Melkweg Venue in Amsterdam. Nobody less than the big bad Shaggy took the stage in a Rampacked Venue. Just like we are used to from Mr. Lova lova, Mr. Boombastic from start to finish it was one big party. He easily hopped from his latest tunes like ‘Mi Nuh Know’ and “Go down deh’ to his old tracks like ‘Oh Carolina’, “Angel’, ‘I wanna” and It wasn’t me’, ‘and seamlessly added his new “Frank Sinatra” work from his latest “Com Fly Wid Me’ album to his set. Halfway through the set Shaggy even took some time out for a marriage proposal. Altogether a great evening for all who came out! Shaggy still got it, even after almost 3 years of not performing during the Covid pandemic.

We also spoke to Shaggy on this memorable night, this reasoning will be online soon!