Message Of Love – UB40 ft. House Of Shem (Music Video)

‘Message of Love’ is the first release from UB40’s collaboration album ‘Bigga Baggariddim’ this track features ‘House of Shem’ the roots reggae band hailing from New Zealand.
Like UB40, they’re a band fronted by two brothers, and Te Omeka and Isaiah Perkins both write, sing and play instruments, just as their late father Carl did. He was the band’s founder, and someone who played a key role in the history of New Zealand reggae.

“He was in Herbs, which was the first reggae band of any note in New Zealand,” explains Robin Campbell. “I remember the first time we went there in 1981, they met us at the airport with a big bag of weed. They were good as their name! Then after Carl formed House Of Shem, they toured with us regularly because they’re a great band. I get quite emotional when I listen to this track. This was literally Carl’s last-ever recording, and he was such a lovely man.”

In Loving Memory Of Papa Carl Perkins.

Director – Dan Hart – Light engine films
Producer – UB40, Matt Campbell & James Abdou / Evo Music Publishing

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