Mitchell Brunings – Get Ready!

Day by day, more and more videos of police brutality are taking the internet by storm. Without apparent justification, minority citizens are stopped, abused, beaten, and even killed. For some, it’s the first time they are being confronted with the phenomenon of systemic racism and authoritarian violence. However, to others, this is nothing new. Ethnic profiling, abuse of power, and blatant discrimination have been a reality for so-called ‘minorities’ for centuries. The rise of social media has brought it to light and the ugly truth is now out in the open. The media struggles to manipulate the narrative to avoid public unrest. Yet awareness is growing and with it, resistance. Equal rights and justice are principles every government claims to uphold, but there is a different reality that can’t be denied any longer. We, ‘the People’, have had enough and will no longer idly stand by while we are being denied our fundamental human rights. It is time to be acknowledged. It’s time to revolt!

The time has come to fight back! GET READY!!!