Nattali Rize – Warriors Video

Nattali Rize – Warriors [Official Video]

From “Rebel Frequency” album. Released by BACO Records

“Warriors is livicated to our sisters and brothers at Pinnacle and our family worldwide seeking and finding pathways to sovereignty and the right to live freely without fear or enslavement to systems that seek to limit the full potentials and FREEDOMS of the People. To all our real WARRIORS we see you and we need you, keep lighting the way forward.. and Keep Rizing. Respect and Love.” – Nattali Rize

The video was filmed in Kingston town and the great lands of Pinnacle Jamaica. Pinnacle is the hightest point of what was some 500 acres, once home to a thriving sovereign and self sustaining community founded and lead by a man named Leonard P Howell, also known as the First Rasta. Rastafari continues to have a massive impact on the planet through positive livity, culture, philosophy and reggae music! Today the movement to reclaim those 500 acres and the right to live freely without persecution or ties to unjust colonial systems, continues. We see this being played out in mulitple places around the world as the People awaken to their true power, they reclaim their rights and set new foundations of living, loving & being for all generations and generations to come. And these are the real warriors of our time.

The video features filmmaker and visionary Donisha Prendergast, one of the key #OccupyPinnacle movement movers! She is the grand daughter of the legendary Bob Marley and one of the real warriors lighting the path through raising awareness and amplifying right action.
Warriors is a rallying cry to all movers and creators out there to keep unifying, sharing, learning, growing and building ComeUnity in all places and to Keep Rizing Together.

Video Credits:
filmed by: Carlo Santone (@onerebelcreative)
edited by: Carlo Santone & Nattali Rize
Text animation by : Guillaume Agostini (AG Concept)
A huge thank you to all featured in this video:
Filmaker/activist Donisha Prendergast, Pinnacle ComeUnity, Faces of Tivoli Youth, Nanook, Jah’mila, HeartX.
Filmed in Kingston and Pinnacle, Jamaica.