Omari Banks Releases “Don’t Expect It” Video.

The Valley, Anguilla (MPR Consulting) – Musical ambassador, International artist, former West Indies Cricketer Omari Banks has seen 2017 take him into a vortex of experiences from releasing a new album, extensive touring to a devastating hurricane that changed the landscape of his beloved beautiful island of Anguilla.

As the year winds down, Omari still is delivering exciting projects to his fans, such as the release of “Don’t Expect It” video, track 9 from the hit filled SUNLIGHT album. Speaking on the single to the Huffington Post where the video was premiered, Omari explained, “it’s a different kind of feel, an old-school reggae feel, and a little more rootsy in terms of the beat.”, further explaining “All lyrics are written by me but I worked with the well established producer and artist Benjy Myaz from Jamaica. He’s a close friend of my dad’s and is like an uncle to me and he worked on the arrangements for this song.”

“I think that, in life, we get disappointed or hung-up on things that didn’t happen for us based on our expectations of a certain outcome. So, in the different versus of the song, I try to lay out the saying that expectations should be moderated so that disappointments are few. It’s not a song about being all gloomy or sad. Basically, we need to work thru life in the present, and work towards our goals. So you cannot expect success but you just have to go for it.” – Omari Banks