Premiere: Alien in NY: The Blend Project, Blvk H3ro & DJ Gringo

By Geanetta “Genie Sweetness” Shaw

Somewhere in the not so far future a crew of highly intelligent beings take a trip across time and space in search of their favorite recording artist Blvk H3RO. They come across the audio signal of the “ Alien In New York Blend Project”, a mix curated by DJ Gringo featuring exclusive dub plates by Blvk H3RO. The visual journey is directed by jRockazz The Observer.

The Aliens spend a whole day flying around NYC hoping to get an autograph and a dub-plate from H3RO so they can play over their intergalactic sound system. However, on this adventure they learn about the current state of society on Earth and decide they need to remind humanity of our capacity to do good despite how small they are in the universe.