Premiere: Kingston Bolero, the iconic orchestral piece gets a dub treatment.

“Recorded at the legendary Tuff Gong Studios, the hundred-year-old classical symphony transforms into a dub ballad of universal love” – Quote from the producer Emanuele Della Valle.

Single is out July, 30, 2021 on Hen House Studios and Emanuele Records.

“Kingston Bolero” is a concept, project, and single that takes the iconic original “Bolero” orchestral piece, composed by Maurice Ravel, and transforms it into a dub ballad that is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. Produced by Emanuele Della Valle who was raised with his grandfather playing him this tune as a child, the producer went into the legendary Tuff Gong Studios to create an astounding dub version of the original, aptly titled “Kingston Bolero.” The single drops July 30 on Hen House Studios alongside a stellar music video directed by Randi Malkin Steinberger and Emanuele Della Valle. A full-length sixteen-minute version of the song was also created that takes the listener on a full-length journey. The single version was edited by Harlan Steinberger.

Kingston Bolero” was recorded at Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston, Jamaica during April, May, and June of 2021. Tuff Gong is Bob Marley’s studio and is considered the holy grounds of Reggae Music. During those three mega jam sessions, a cast of talented Jamaican artists came together to bring a new Bolero to life . Emanuele Della Valle concludes, “After a year stuck in strict Jamaican pandemic rules, the band came together for a moment of joy and creation and that feeling permeated our session and enlightened the path to this musical gem.”

Video credits:
Directors – Emanuele Della Valle & Randi Malkin Steinberger
Camera – Michael Burbridge, Randi Malkin Steinberger, Tashieka Megghross
Editor – Randi Malkin Steinberger
Colorist – Josh Kane/ Arcanum Post
Special thanks – Ras Mikey

Music credits:
Produced by Emanuele Della Valle
Line Producer – Lincoln Thomas
Project Manager: Harlan Steinberger
Saxophone – Dean Fraser, Oshane Love
Trumpet – Okeel McIntyre
Keyboards – Carol Bowie Mcloughlin
Drums – Kirk Bennett
Bass – Trevor McKenzie
Flute – Donaldson Sheldon Bernard
Percussion – Sydney Watson (Congo Billy)
Guitars – Lincoln Thomas
Recording Engineer – Roland McDermott
Mixing Engineer – Shane Brown
Radio Edit – Harlan Steinberger
Recorded at Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston, Jamaica, the months of May and June 2021