Premiere: The Lambsbread – World Needs Love

Premiere: The Lambsbread – World Needs Love (Official Video)

The “World Needs Love” is a message of universal love for all nations of the earth. It also highlights the corruption and illusion that divides the people over economics and politics. Calling for love for all people and nations.
This tune was recorded in Hawaii on the island of Maui at Bassyard Studios, and engineered by Jimmy Cui of Rumble Rock Recordz. The Lambsbread family went into the studio and recorded the track with legendary bass player Chis Meredith while he was on the island. Title track for their current release, this song perfectly embodies the Lambsbread’s sound and energy and was the perfect choice for the next official video from the album.
Filmed by Next Generation Productions in Hawaii as well as different locations around the world the video brings the message in the song to life. Showing the beauty of the natural creation of the earth, along with the unneeded suffering created by mankind, the Lambsbread calls out to the people to recognize their similarities, instead of the differences. Adding their musical voices to the cry for making the changes that are necessary to create a brighter world for the children.
The Lambsbread will be released the video for “World Needs Love” this March 15 in preparation for their 2018 “World Needs Love” Summer Tour with dates all across the US. Performing in familiar territory like California, Oregon, and Washington, the Lambsbread will also be hitting new spots this time around like Colorado, the Midwest, and the east coast spreading a message of love and aloha to everyone along the way. A family of talented musicians, the Lambsbread represents unity and togetherness, and it is evident in the music they create.