Ras Negus I – Look At This

High Priest “‘Ras Negus I’” a true heart of art, not just a singer to a song but a Musical Priest who uses words in a special format to rejuvenate a down spirit, and eradicate a bad mood with stern and hopeful expressions. His mixture of roots/reggae and dance hall is a deliberate stance taken by himself to bridge a generation gap and to get across his message to all. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, to Mama Ruth a Rastafarian since the age of 13 yrs old, and son to an iconic juicing master in the realms of “‘Harry Joseph'” the legendary magnum and roots specialist, Bob Marley’s personal juice man. Ras Negus I spoke to us about the project – ‘’I have met a lot of producers that only had a riddim, however, Neeko from Lost On Green Mile had a riddim with a vision, purely for the I which he had outlined perfectly upon the link-up. his vision he had as a result of this timeless song “Look at this” We had a big reasoning about the unjust in the world and the problems we have in our city and community. Many may think the song was inspired by current world affairs but we had done this in 2018, and felt now was the time for us to bring it to the masses and keep the fire blazin in many hearts across the globe’’.