Selassie Caling – Runkus, Royal Blu, Medisun & Green Lion Crew (Music Video)

The third single from Green Lion Crew’s upcoming album “Riddim Full of Culture ” is called “Selassie Calling” featuring three top vocalists from the modern reggae scene; Runkus, Royal Blu, & MediSun. They combine for a harmonic thought-provoking song that approaches a traditional subject matter in Reggae through a new lens.

The riddim produced by Green Lion Crew is more reminiscent of Hip Hop but the vocals still give it a Reggae vibe. The result is a feel-good crossover tune that is just as at home on a street-side sound system as it is in a posh nightclub. The first verse of the song was originally recorded by Runkus in March of 2020 in Portmore, Jamaica right as the pandemic was starting. A backward Rhodes piano through a tremolo effect is layered with heavy 808 bass stabs laying a perfect chilled-out foundation for vocals and they do not disappoint.

The track is about hearing “the call” of God. In this case the Rastafarian God, Emperor Haile Selassie I. The concept is a cherished tradition for the Reggae genre but it has a modern twist here that makes the concept feel fresh. Royal Blu sings, “The highest on the line, don’t try fi deny, deh pon your phone right through the night” – the concept of receiving the call of god mentally and receiving an actual phone call from god is interchangeable. The physical and spiritual realms are combined in the lyrics to symbolize that God is still present in our everyday lives…..even in this modern age of communication. To seal it off there is an extremely catchy and powerful third verse from MediSun that makes this song a triple threat and one of the hottest releases in 2022. Released by Ineffable Records.

The video was shot in Jamaica by Filmaica and directed by Fernando Hevia. Samo & Fernando have worked together on countless great videos coming out of Jamaica in recent years.