Shenseea leaves great impression in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, June 21, 2022. One of the fastest-rising Jamaican stars of this moment visited the Melkweg Venue in Amsterdam. In a ram-packed Melkweg Max, the Shen Yeng Queen came, saw, and conquered the venue on her first solo tour to Europe. After the crowd was hyped up by Joshua J, who gave an awesome performance, Shenseea entered the stage and spread her energy from the first moment until the last song 45 minutes later.

I could write a whole paragraph about the age group that attended the show vs the lyrics that were sung. But I will leave that to others, who am I to judge others people’s “love for the P*m P*m”. On the other hand, I did participate and raised my hand. 🙂 A little slackness never hurted anyone since the days of General Echo and his colleagues of that era.

I have to admit, among all those youngsters with their cellphones, dancing, singing, and being in their own zone, I kinda felt like the odd one in the room. As I said in an earlier online post, “The show was lit, but I’m getting too old fi this sh…”. But at the same time, I enjoyed every minute of the performance. Every festival, from now on, should at least have Shenseea in their dancehall area, and if they dare… mainstage! I’m sure that seeing Shenseea with a full band would be amazing when she reaches her full potential.

To finish this short “review”: this show could be one of those moments in 10 years’ time when you look back and say, “I was at Shenseea’s first solo show in Melkweg Amsterdam in 2022. She is gonna be a big one that will reach the highest heights if she continues to work as hard as she is doing now! Shenseea yuh bad!! Keep doing what you do, and stay humble!

Danny Creatah

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