Stephen Dajure – Jah Jah Army (Lyric Video)

As the world turns and we approach the halfway point of 2021, it may be easy to lose sight of previous efforts and progress. Covid-19 is still sweeping the globe and so is its highly controversial vaccine. Industries and businesses have both closed and been birthed – the music business is slowly starting back up, yet most artists have needed to find alternative methods to making money and reaching fans. So, while the planet is adjusting and going through what feels like an endless loop of change and restructuring, one thing remains the same for reggae singer/songwriter Stephen Dajure; stay ever faithful to Haile Selassie teachings and be ready to serve in Jah’s army.

It is this energy, focus, and discipline that Dajure’s newest track titled Jah Jah Army instantly evokes and carries forth. As the track’s intro builds up you can sense the tone of this record and its purpose. Dajure – a talented vocalist, shows off an almost rapid-fire delivery in his opening verse on the record – but both stylish and spiritual he does not disappoint. Odes to the aforementioned and ever-present Haile Selassie, as well as Marcus Garvey and Emanuel echo through the track with Stephen reminding all who bring forth negativity that I and I is protected and will remain strong throughout the journey.

What might be most noticeable in this record is the spirit it was undoubtedly created and curated in. Dajure delivers his message loud and clear, yet he does so in his signature style of crisp vocals and infectious melodies; I am an African and we have much work left to do in our movement for liberation.